About me

About Me – Surrey Wedding Photographer

I’m Mike, Mick, Mickey, Michael or even Michael O’Sullivan on the odd formal occasion. I don’t mind at all what version of my name you call me, as long as you feel comfortable using it.

I have been a professional photographer for about 5 years; by that I mean I’m in a place that I feel comfortable charging people for my knowledge and expertise. In reality I have been taking photos for much much longer, from winning my first award in an under 11’s competition to becoming a regional finalist in the wedding industry awards in 2016.

I love working with people, seeing new places and being part of that moment with my clients; for me, it is much more than just a business.

More about me? I have a beautiful fiancée Laura who is funny and just awesome, who I am marrying in May 2018 (finally I’m starting to feel a tiny bit grown up). I have two cats, Tom and Scarlett, who I love.

I am ambitious and driven and want to achieve my goals in life (guess I should set some) and I love to create beautiful images of life moments that truly capture the emotion of that instance.

If I have one tip for wedding couples looking for a photographer, it is this:

Do not focus solely on the price; this often does not mean anything other than the photographer has high overheads…   Make sure you talk to your photographer and connect with them, allow your photographers to get to know you both better before the day. If you do this and focus on that, the results will speak for themselves and you will have some truly great images from your day.

My style

My style is relaxed and informal, I love documenting what I see happening so that it is natural and the photos really do reflect what is happening throughout the day. I love using natural light and occasional flash to keep it creative. My style is unobtrusive so you shouldn’t t notice me much on the day – I have been know to sew on a few buttons and deliver flowers too!!

I would love to hear about your day, please get in touch using either the contact form or you can email me michael@mosullivanphotography.com

Look forward to hearing from you.