Savill Court Hotel Wedding Windsor

Savill Court Hotel Wedding Windsor

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being part of this fabulous Savill Court Hotel wedding Windsor. The weather was great, the guests were awesome and the Bride looked stunning – the groom didn’t look bad either.

Rachel And Ashley are simply the best people; they love each other so much and that was clear to see on the day and the stories that were told in the speeches only confirmed that they are made for one another. After explaining that they don’t do photos when we first met and that a recent holiday consisted of a few snaps on their iPhones, I was a little worried. However, once we got to the engagement shoot at the beautiful Savill Garden and they became naturals in front of the camera and very relaxed, I knew that on the wedding day we would have some fun with the photos.

The day was beautiful. Rachel looked stunning and the sun shone through all day making for some lovely evening light. Rachel and Ashley even placed myself and Jess on to a table with their friends for the wedding breakfast which I must thank them for. It is a rare privilege to be invited to join the wedding breakfast and one we enjoyed very much.

A huge thanks to Ashley and Rachel for being the most awesome clients and to all their friends and family for looking after us and for being so nice to us on the day. I hope you all enjoy this small selection of some of the photos from this beautiful wedding.

I had Jessica Jager with me as my second photographer for the day, who I want to thank for doing an amazing job. All the staff at Savill Court Hotel are great and they really looked after us so please accept my thanks.

The flowers on the day were styled and supplied by Natalie at Lux Flowers in Windsor and they were just beautiful.

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